Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Hour of Code in Kinder at Bluebonnet Elementary

The most popular trend in educational technology is coding and introducing students to the world of computer science. Last year, Code.org launched its site in the hopes of inspiring students to try coding for one hour during computer science week. This year, their goal was to reach 100 million students worldwide.

Bluebonnet Elementary students participated in an hour of code in several classrooms. Kinder students from Mrs. Hernandez's class used an app called The Foos on the iPads. The app which is intended for young students allows them to create a set of instructions for the character to follow. This is done using command blocks with pictures (see example below). The blocks tell the character to move in a certain direction, to jump, to throw objects, and/or repeat a set of commands.

Most of these puzzles require deep thinking and problem solving because they gradually become more difficult as the students advance in the levels. Also, students quickly discovered that they had different ways of solving the puzzle - some used more steps to reach the goal. 

Mrs. Hernandez class using the iPads to learn about coding

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