Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's Happening in the NGDC Classroom and Library?

Ms. Treviño is our NGDC (Next Generation Digital Classroom) teacher this year. She is a 2nd grade teacher, and her class is part of the pilot for iPad devices. Her classroom also received an interactive projector which turns any surface into an interactive white board. Students can write and click on an object on the screen using a stylus.

Student using a stylus to wrtie on the interactive white board
Students took pictures of themselves and set up their picture as their lock screen so that each student would know whose iPad was assigned to whom as soon as the device is powered on. Ms. Treviño's students have been using an app called Puffin Academy to access Book Flix for independent reading. Additionally, students used the i-nigma app for reading QR codes where they were able to check their work. She has more lessons planned this school year.

QR Codes for vocabulary
Additionally, Bluebonnet's library was one of the libraries selected for piloting the NGDC. Our librarian, Charity Seals, received an interactive panel which is a touch screen panel that is interactive with the touch of a finger or a stylus. Students are also able to use iPads in the library for research and other lessons. Mrs. Seals has been teaching students the proper way to handle their iPads, how to log in, how to access the Bluebonnet Library page, and how to log out and store the iPads back into the cart.
Mrs. Seals using Kahoot! on the interactive panel

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