Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Bluebonnet Elementary faculty, staff, students, and parents rocked their way through a music lipsink video to help excite everyone about the STAAR test.

Technology can be used to motivate and accelerate learning!

Above & Beyond

Our 4th grade students went above and beyond as did their teacher Darla Ruggerio. The students took video of themselves giving instruction, information and some good entertainment. After editing the video they produced the movies for their families and had a huge drama night.  Students performed other speeches and showed the video to a large crowd of family and friends.

Great use of technology and theater.


Bluebonnet teachers are using the Promethean responders for instant feedback on students knowledge. Students are using the responders to answer questions. The immediate knowledge of knowing if you are wrong or right helps solidify correct information for the students. Responders are used on a daily basis in many classes providing true technology integration and not just technology usage.

The Library is Changing for Today's Kids

Books are not the only hot commodity in the library these days. Lessons are given on the Promethean board, students look up research information using the computer, and computers are used to look up books!

The library is a hopping place for technology.